Clean & Safe Certificate

The World Health Organization has declared Coronavirus the causal agent of COVID-19. To avoid risks and infections, Vale d´Oliveiras has developed an internal protocol that defines the necessary prevention, control and surveillance procedures.

We declare to comply with the requirements defined by "Turismo de Portugal", according to the guidelines of the National Health Entity and we were therefore certified with the "Clean & Safe" seal.

Our 6 base commitments to our emplyoees and guests:

1. Training for all employees:

  • All employees have received specific information and training on:
    • Internal protocol on the COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak.
    • How to comply with basic infection prevention and control precautions related to the outbreak of COVID-19, including procedures such as:
      • Hand hygiene: wash hands frequently with soap and water for at least 20 seconds or use disinfectant containing at least 70% alcohol, covering all surfaces of the hands and rubbing them until dry.
      • Respiratory etiquette: cough or sneeze into the flexed forearm or use a tissue, which should then be immediately disposed of; Always clean hands after coughing or sneezing and after blowing; Avoid touching eyes, nose and mouth with hands.
      • Social behaviour: change the frequency and form of contact between employees and guests, avoiding (when possible) close contact, handshaking, kissing, shared workplaces, face-to-face meetings and sharing food, utensils, cups and towels.
    • How to comply with daily self-monitoring for fever assessment (measuring body temperature and recording the value and time of measurement), cough check or difficulty in breathing.
    • How to comply with the guidelines of the National Health Entity for surface cleaning and treatment of clothes in resort.


2. Information to all guests:

  • The following information will be handed to all our guests at the check-in:
    • How to comply with basic infection prevention and control precautions in relation to the outbreak of COVID-19
    • Internal protocol

 3. Our resort commits with:

  • Enough personal protective equipment for all empolyees
  • Personal protection equipment available for customers (maximum capacity of the resort)
  • Stock of single-use cleaning materials proportional to their dimensions, including single-use cleaning wipes moistened in disinfectant, bleach and alcohol at 70º
  • Alcohol-based antiseptic or alcohol-based solution dispensers near the entry/exit points, at the entrance to the restaurant, bar and common sanitary facilities
  • Waste container with non-manual opening and plastic bag
  • Isolation room for people that may be detected as suspect or confirmed cases of COVID-19, with natural and mechanical ventilation system, and have smooth and washable linings, bathroom, cleaning materials stock, surgical masks and disposable gloves, thermometer, self-contained waste container, waste bags, used laundry bags, kit with water and some non-perishable food
  • In sanitary facilities, hand washing equipment with liquid soap and paper towels


4. The resort ensures:

  • Temperature check at guests arrival and regular checks to employees
  • Washing and disinfection according to the internal protocol of the surfaces where employees and guests circulate, ensuring the control and prevention of infections and resistance to antimicrobials
  • Cleaning, several times a day, of surfaces and objects of common use (including counters, light and lift switches, handles, and cabinet knobs)
  • Preference is given to wet cleaning rather than dry cleaning and the use of vacuum cleaners
  • Air renewal in rooms and enclosed spaces is done regularly
  • The disinfection of the pools and all existing wellness equipments is performed as defined in internal protocol
  • The disinfection of the Jacuzzi is done regularly with the discharge of all the water followed by washing and disinfection; afterwards it is filled with clean water and disinfected with chlorine in the appropriate amount, according to the internal protocol (Jacuzzi, Sauna and Steam bath temporarily closed).
  • In the food and beverage areas, the hygiene of utensils, equipment and surfaces is reinforced and direct handling of food by customers and employees is avoided as much as possible.


5. The cleaning and sanitization protocol guarantees:

  • Specific care for the change of bed linen and rooms cleaning with adequate protection according to internal protocol
  • The removal of bed linen and towels made without shaking it or shaking it, rolling it from outside to inside, without touching the body and transporting it directly to the machine
  • Separate machine washing and high temperatures for employees' uniforms and bed linen / towels (around 60ºC)


6. Day-to-day operations:

  • Always a senior manager or supervisor on Duty responsible for triggering the procedures in case of suspected infection (accompanying the person with symptoms to the isolation space, providing the necessary assistance and contacting the national health service)
  • The decontamination of the isolation room whenever there are positive cases of infection and reinforcement of cleaning and disinfection whenever there are patients suspected of infection, especially on surfaces frequently handled and most used by the same, as indicated by National Health Entities
  • The storage of waste produced by patients suspected of infection in a plastic bag that, after being closed (eg with a clamp), must be segregated and sent to a licensed operator for the management of hospital waste with biological risk

The protocol and seal is valid until the 30th of April 2022, with the commitment that all the requirements mentioned above are fully met by our resort.


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