Hypnobirth course


The word 'hypno' in 'hypnobirthing' refers to the hypnotherapy that is used during the course which helps you to release fears and teaches you to release endorphins (natural pain – relief of the body) during childbirth. With the help of hypnotherapy, the birth of your baby can be a calmer, relaxed experience, one in which you are in the driver's seat instead of feeling like a passenger. This will  reduce the need for interventions during childbirth. The course is designed for both of you to start feeling confident, overcome fears and learn the art of relaxation. Our Mucha Mama prenatal classes will teach you a calm approach to birthing: gentle, positive and totally stress-free. Intensive mental training and powerful birthing techniques (relaxation, visualization and breathing techniques) will enable you to remain relaxed during labor, trust your natural birthing instincts and give birth to your child without unnecessary fears and pains.

Hypnobirthing course is a complete childbirth preparation program that will thoroughly prepare your body and mind, like nature intended, for having the serene and calm birth you want to experience. Classes are a good mix of practical & theory and together with the hypnobirthing tools and techniques you are able to relax, to bond with your baby, to focus and to learn how to take these skills to your birthing day. It is a program that includes not only the physical well-being as well as the psychological well-being of the mother, her birth partner, and the newborn in different situations; in the silence of a house, hospital or maternity/birthing centre


It is a practical and powerful birthing class where you will learn enjoyable, relaxing exercises to prepare as best as possible for the birth of your baby. It encourages you to be emotionally strong. And with the shared experience of learning Hypnobirthing with your partner, it leads to understanding and support of your needs during this incredible time, leading up to the most important moment of all – welcoming your child in to your arms.

What you will be learning:

  • An in-depth guide of how reach deep levels of relaxation to transform fear, and results in a more relaxed pregnancy & birth.
  • Educates you about a quick and easy birth with less pain ~ leaves mother alert, fresh, awake and with energy.
  • Different ways of bonding with your unborn baby.
  • Many visualization techniques to enable you to work confidently with your body.
  • A very gentile and highly effective Massage technique during pregnancy/birth which releases body´s natural pain relieving hormones.
  • How to release fear and other limiting thoughts about giving birth and/or parenting
  • Easy hypnobirthing breathing techniques to gently bring your baby into the world.
  • Building your confidence and sense of calm, so that you can look forward to the birth.
  • Teaches Dads/birth partners to have an integral role during birth, they  are empowered to feel confident supporting mam in a meaningful way.
  • Birthing affirmations and much more.

When you book the Mucha Mama Hypnobirthing class, you will receive online course materials to start preparing. You can already start exploring hypnobirthing together with the 5 different hypnobirthing MP3 sessions and video´s for you to listen to, to help release tension, increase confidence and exercise relaxation.

COSTS                   € 390,00 

LOCATION           Vale d' Oliveiras Quinta Resort & Spa

DURATION          1 day from 09.30hrs – 17.00hrs - to be pre-booked.


- Private Class Birth Preferences Practicing Table

- 5 hypnobirthing sessions MP3s

- Online class material, including video´s

- Practice Book Mucha Mama Hypnobirthing E-book

- Avoid Induction support

- Breech support

- Follow Up Session.

For further information about the Hypnobirth course, please do not hesitate to contact us or visit Muchamama:

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